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French Onion Soup

21 Nov

As nights get cooler this month, there is more temptation for having delicious warm soups. This time I have got for you Onion Soup. The flavors and taste is aromatic and enriching.

The most enticing flavors are of the caramelised onions and slowly cooked broth that turns mellow and sweet laced with some white wine.

Serves 3-4:

For this I used:

3 tbsp butter

2 onions, thinly sliced with the grain to hold their shape

4 garlic flakes, crushed

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper powder

275 ml dry white wine


1 carrot – chopped roughly

1 onion – chopped roughly

2 bay leaf

2-3 french beans

1/2 cup broccoli

6-7 peppercorns

2 cloves

4 cups chicken broth


Firstly, make the stock. In a deep sauce pan, add the chicken broth and the rest of the ingredients  like carrot, onions, broccoli, french beans, bay leaf, peppercorns and cloves. Bring it to boil. Strain it and Keep aside.

Secondly, to caramelise onions. Add butter to a skillet, then the onions and the garlic. Let it turn brownish in color. Avoid letting it stick to the skillet.

Thirdly, add the stock to the onions. Now season it with salt and pepper. Add the dry white wine. Bring it to boil.

Serve hot with some breads!!

Broccoli and Mushroom Soup

12 Nov

I really feel the need to share with you our Punjabi lifestyle in India. It is all about outings, and grand ceremonies. It is another glamorous world where Punjabi’s love to splurge on good clothes, dazzling jewellery and delectable food. Talking about Food, it is the most important factor in every Punjabi household. It is said that every Punjabi lives his life ‘king size’. Food being the core of every Punjabi household. Most of them have chicken almost everyday and very often outings. So there is a lot of calorie in-take all the time in terms of desserts. fried etc.

Well this is exactly the story of my house. My husband and I fall into the same trap. It becomes hard to ignore social outings and avoid all the greasy and junk food. To be honest I really want to give up all this food for a while and stick to something that is healthy and full of nutrition. With this thought I started preparing Broccoli and Mushroom Soup.

Serves 4:

Ingredients used:

1 1/2 cup small florets of broccoli

1 1/2 cup mushrooms

1 small onion

3 cup vegetable broth

1 cup milk

1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper

salt to taste

Boil 3 cups of water.

Throw some mushrooms and broccoli into it.

Cook for 1-2 mins. Strain it and keep the water.

Saute some onions till its transparent.

Make a puree in the blender of mushroom, onion and broccoli. Adding a little water as required.

Mix the puree with the vegetable broth.

Bring it to boil. Season it with salt and pepper.

As it boils again.

Add milk and leave it boil again.

If you want you could add cream instead of milk but for healthier reasons I choose milk.

Garnish with cilantro!

We enjoyed this delicious soup with some breads!!

Yummy exquisite combination of broccoli and mushrooms!

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