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Easy Everyday Sandwich

28 Jul

Atleast for me, the most difficult task is to think what to make for breakfast. I think of options that are healthy and quick in the morning. Often a sandwich is a easier option to make. The one I got for you today is simple and quick. Also, you can add or subract ingredients and make your own too! Cooking is an art, how you simply create a dilicious meal with different ingredients.

This sandwich I made with Salami, can have many alterations to it. Instead of Salami you can add boiled egg, roasted potatoes, or cottage cheese. The one with the boiled egg version is my favourite.

So here is what I followed…

Take a toasted bread.

Spread some cream cheese. You can choose plain or herb ones!

Toasted bread cream cheese


When I buy the lettuce, I usually soak it in chilled water. This takes out the dirt from the leaves. While using it I dab it in a plain cloth.
Add lettuce!!




Pour some veggies….& season it!!


Add the salami/egg!!




Mix the sauces and spread on the toasted bread…



Spread the sauce!!


Prepare your sandwich!!!….



Makes 2


4 toasted bread
1/2 chopped carrot
1/4 chopped red bell pepper
1/4 chopped yellow bell pepper
2 lettuce leaves
4 slices salami/ ham/egg/cottage cheese/roasted potatoes
1 tsp cream cheese
1 tsp ketchup
1 tsp mayonnaise
1/2 tasp mustard sauce
pinch salt
pinch black pepper

· Spread the cream cheese on the toasted bread.
· Put the lettuce leaf. Add the chopped vegetables, carrot and bell peppers. Season with salt and black pepper.
· Put the salami (if you want to put boiled egg thats a great option too!) .
· Mix the mustard sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup and spread on the other slice.
· Your sandwich is ready.

Verdict: Js likes to have this quite often. It suits me too, since its quick and simple. You just need to have the ingredients at home, rest is easy. Its like our daily breakfast. Maybe you can try too, some times its just different and nice from a normal buttered toast.

Toasted Mediterranean Sandwich

15 Oct

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  JS and I usually have a glass of milk and some healthy appetite along with it. So today I decided to make a healthy sandwich.

Somehow I really enjoy the mediterranean flavour. So I decided to go Mediterranean. The most important ingredient I used in it is balsamic vinegar which gives this sandwich its authenticity. I usually keep this in my refrigerator, it is also used for my salad dressings.

If you have a liking for mediterranean food, you would certainly love this one!!

Everything in this picture shows my favourite ingredients, lettuce, multigrain bread, green and red bell peppers, olives, onions.

Take the toasted bread, butter it up!

Now put Lettuce!!!

Heat a pan with some olive oil. Saute onions, olives and bell peppers.

Season it with oregano, salt, pepper and Balsamic vinegar.

Put a generous amount on the lettuce toast.

Now sprinkle some cheddar cheese or feta cheese.

Cover with a second toasted multigrain bread.

Scrumptious Isn’t it????

To make 2 sandwiches I used:

4 multigrain bread slices

1 tbsp butter

1/2 red & yellow bell peppers

1/2 onion

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp olive oil

1/2 tsp oregano seasoning

4-5 olives

salt to taste

pepper to taste

Some cheddar or feta cheese

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