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Our Goa Trip

6 Nov

You must be wondering where I had disappeared for some time. All apologies for not mentioning and writing earlier but we had gone for a short vacation to Goa. It was all unplanned. Sometimes it actually great to go for a holiday without planning. We had an awesome time as we just decided there at the moment what we should be doing next. The best part of the trip was it was totally relaxing and not bounded by sight-seeing or shopping.

We were on a six-day vacation and there was nothing to do but just relax.  JS and I being morning person, love to go for walks in the morning. Walking along with the serene sea was absolutely calming and relaxing. The sound of the waves in sea mingled with beautiful sound of the birds forced me to do some meditation right there. Meditating with the hills by my side and sea merging with the sky and listening to beautiful chants of the birds was heaven. Just sitting with my eyes closed, warm breeze flowing by, I didn’t realise how long it had been.

The white sand beaches in South Goa, absolutely mesmerised me with sunshine during the day. The hustling bustling beaches with a mix of Russians, Britishers and Indians, all admired the beauty of Goa.  Taking a dip into the sea seems as if the sea is inviting us into its own world where there is more control of the sea over you than yourself. The water gushes into the core of the sea pulling us and the sand, then pushing us back again to the shore. The game is really fun. Take a dip, play with the water and get back to your beach chair and relax. Along the beaches there are small tables where they sell coconut and fresh juice. It is ideal to spend the whole day on a beach when you just wanna relax.

As in the evening the sun goes down. The glimpse of the golden sun changes to bright orange merging with dark clouded blue sky. It seems the water reflects into the sky. The colors are truly amazing. The water in the sea recedes back and prepares itself for the morning to hit the beach with a stride.

There are small streets and open flea markets everywhere. The streets get lively during the evenings. A ride on a bike is an ideal thing to do there.  To eat out at night, shacks on the beaches serve amazingly delectable grills and Indian food. There is a wide variety of fresh sea food to choose from, being lobsters, prawns, pomfret, red snapper, crab etc. For whatever days I was there, my two meals were guaranteed seafood. As I came back and realised the goan food had actually made gain a few kilos. Every shack we visited served some delicious food, cocktails and desserts, not to forget their speciality cheese garlic naan. One thing is for sure Goa has scrumptious food to offer for every taste. Not only the food, it also has great night life. Its most popular club Tito’s is favourite amongst every tourist.

With all the food and the scenic beauty of GOA, the trip was completely relaxing and great get away from our daily routine. We really rejuvenated ourself and had the most memorable trip.

Its great to be back. Will update with you with recipes in one or two days.

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