Tandoori Chicken

While I studied in UK, I actually realised how popular our tandoori chicken is all over the world. I was flabbergasted to learn that the second favourite cuisine of Britishers is actually Indian after English food.


Baby Chicken with Sun dried Tomato Paste

The coming cold weather is actually a nice season to enjoy barbeques in the sun. So I decided to try out barbecue. This chicken has lovely flavours of the sun-dried tomatoes, chillies and lime….





Terriyaki Chicken Wings

Being Indians all of us love to have tandoori chicken. I promise to get that recipe soon. But for today I have something from the Japanese cuisine i.e. terriyaki chicken……..





Yogurt Idli

Sometimes its just monotonous to have eggs and milk in the morning.Yogurt Idli can be eaten as breakfast or a snack in the evening. I simply love South Indian food but it is sometimes a little time consuming…..




Rosemary and Garlic Chicken

rosemary chickenSome how I have been really willing to use the flavor of rosemary in my food. So my recent trip to the grocery store demanded me to bring this new herb rosemary. It usually goes well with meat and chicken.


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