Main Course

Italian Baked Fish

Inspired by Goa trip, I had to come back and try on some seafood. So I decided to cook fish in an Italian way…..


Masala Mutton

October being a very festive month this year. First the Dushera and followed by Diwali. I love this part of the year when everywhere there is jubilance. There is exchange of gifts, dinners, shopping, etc. So this month I promise….


Creamy Mushroom Pasta

I know its been really long since  I have got a recipe for you. I had a lot to do the past week as there was termite in my room and a bit of office work.


Roman Extravaganza Pizza

Pizza’s Pizza’s Pizza’s….Pizza’s…& Pizza’s!! I have not come across anyone in my generation having not liked pizzas. These are actually from Italy but eaten around the world. From the youngsters in my family to my parents, everyone loves pizza….


Thai Green Curry

Thai green curry

Green Thai curry has always been one of my favorites whenever I go to dine out. The mere taste of basils,and  kaffir lime leaves is piquant. Usually I used to make the paste from scratch but since these days alot of us prefer quick cooking, I tried the paste. 


Mexican Wrap

Mexican WrapBefore preparing this wrap I wasn’t sure how it will taste. Maybe my photography for this one isn’t that great but it tastes really well. This being a vegetarian, really surprised me with its taste. It tasted well for sure.


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