Exquisite Niche is to encourage all those who have a passion for cooking and baking. It is all about creating a joyful ambience at home. Certainly, one thing which certainly makes my family happy is delicious home cooked food. I try to make wholesome food that also tastes good, and I love to experiment with substituting healthier ingredients.
The recipes on my blog are a collection of family recipes, my own original creations, and those I’ve been inspired to try from cookbooks, cooking sites, magazines etc.  I always give credit where credit is due, and if I’ve adapted or tried a recipe from somewhere, the source will be noted either in the post or at the end of the recipe.
I do write some personal thoughts on my blog, I hope you enjoy reading!
I love hearing from my readers, so you can leave comments. Hopefully nice ones! Feel free to ask any questions. You can reach me at gursahiba@exquisite-niche.com.
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I would invite you to come and join my journey to make your living space an enjoyable one!
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The content and the pictures on this site are purely original and belong to Exquisite Niche. Duplicacy of this work is strictly prohobited.
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