Exquisite Niche is Back!

12 Jul

Firstly, sorry for abruptly leaving the blogging world for a while. Its been more than a year but trust me I really missed being connected to you all. Well, loads happened since then. I got pregnant,took a baby-moon trip, then had a baby and now looking after my 8 month son. Also, not to forget I started Exquisite Cakes & Bakes from home.  Time has flown for me.

I had stopped writing after I conceived and it became difficult for me to talk about food since I had sickness all the time. I thought of giving blogging  a break. During that break I was reading more about the phase I was passing by. It was amazing 9 months. It was beautiful to see a life evolve. Nine months were full of excitement, lots of caution and some anxiety. But to be honest, my husband had been a great support and very understanding. In that time, we also took a trip to Bali & Bangkok. Nowadays, everyone calls it a babymoon 😉 (hehe!). It was much needed and a refreshing trip.


Fun Trip!!

After a long wait of 9 months, our son was born on 2nd November 2012. We have named him, Trimaan (meaning a person who is respected  in all three worlds). Everyday is a new day and I enjoy more and more with my son. Things have changed for me after becoming a ‘mother’. Earlier it was more of ME & My Husband, but now everything we do, first we think of MY BABY. Its been a fun-filled motherhood, and emotionally overwhelming.

While I was expecting, I started something that I really wanted to do. I wanted to do something more with food. So besides blogging, I have started to sell designer cakes and enjoy every bit of it. Exquisite Cakes & Bakes is something really special and close to my heart. Baking is passion for me and something that I can do even when I am really tired. Its soo therapeutic. Watching Fabulous Cakes has always pushed me to learn and make fondant cakes, so that I can try my creativity on them. Baking cakes has been fun but to make them creative and according to someone’s taste and occasion requirement is more endearing. This is what has been  important to me, that my creativity could be a part of someone’s most special occasion (and be appreciated).

Wedding Fondant cake

My First Wedding Fondant Cake!!

Looking forward for your comments and likes again!! As I’ll be posting every Tuesdays and Fridays. Glad to be back:)

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